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Bodega Bijou Winter Exhibition 2020

During the Winter of 2020, beginning just before the second lockdown, I had the delightful opportunity to exhibit with Bodega Bijou and look at producing more illustrative art!

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 18.13.08.png

Falmouth University Life Drawing Exhibition 2020

With a team of two myself and Fiona Oakley set out of make an exhibition around a series of workshops we ran at Falmouth University on life drawing. It was a lovely learning experience, a wonderful show and a joy to run.


BA(Hons) Drawing Pop-Up Exhibition 2018

A small exhibition set up for just one afternoon in the drawing studios at Falmouth University.


Streetdraw24 2020

I took part in Streetdraw24, a charity exhibition to raise money for St Petrocs and awareness around homelessness in Cornwall, and had my work exhibited with everyone else who joined in!


Tresco Drawing Show 2018

On the first year of my degree I was offered the opportunity to exhibit works alongside other Drawing scholars on the island of Tresco in the Isles of Scilly.


RSPB Charity Exhibition 2017

I took part in a charity exhibition of bird-themed artwork for the benefit of the RSPB in Exeter.


FAlmouth university 2020 showv

As a final celebration of my degree I participated in an online showcase in 2020 to show off the work I'd been doing for the last few months.

Screenshot 2020-11-19 at 18.31.46.png

Shelterbox Exhibition 2018

I took part in a charity exhibition with Shelterbox in Truro to raise money towards buying shelterboxes for victims of natural disasters who need them.


Totnes Art & Design Foundation Course Summer Show 2017

The final show of my Foundation diploma!

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