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Hi there!

So- a bit longer than I expected before I could update this but I'm going to give a little summary here of the last three year which I've spent doing the Drawing degree at Falmouth University.

I started the Drawing degree in a different world to the one we're currently living in, what with having to mostly stay inside and being allowed to see other people. At the beginning I started off with looking internally, being interested in how I felt and related to others and to the environment around me. I was drawing from life and from nature, drawing things as I saw and had been taught throughout most of my earlier schooling. I drew the passage of time, sitting in pubs or dancing, a path which followed me throughout my practice on the Drawing degree.

The second year was more challenging- I quickly realised that I didn't actually want to draw realistically all the time (though it is fun for a while) and struggled with trying to explain what I wanted to do. I struggled a lot and don't have much work from this time aside from a few sketches and some work I did for Pride month.

My third year was much more settled. I had a direction I wanted to go in and the drive to do the work- I only have one drawing from the first half of the year and my first attempt at a dissertation alongside it (dissertation accessible through my Fine Art website along with my final project from that year).

And that is a summary of my time at Falmouth University. See you soon with more of a look back at my work.

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