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Foundation Degree

Hey! I'm actually remembering to post these- go me! (I suppose)

Today I'm talking a little bit about my Foundation degree and, more excitingly and far more recent, give you a sneak peak of some things that are in the works (you'll more on them as they progress obviously)!

So I took a Foundation degree in Art and Design back in 2016/17. It feels like forever ago now.

This was actually instrumental to me taking the Drawing degree as it gave me the time to explore what I was interested in and start drawing things which weren't just strict observational drawings from photographs (a very useful skill for any artist to have!)

I started to develop an affection for things there which are key to the way I think of drawings now such as a half split in tone across the page, actually using high contrast rather than mid-tones and also to let things flow just a little bit more.

Towards the end of the year I completed a project following a story that, quite literally came to me in a dream, writing and illustrating a small children's book and a larger, longer book within the three months I had.

Recently I've been looking back at these ideas again and have been working on making it new and better. Here's a little sneak peak but I hope that you stay with me to watch my progress.

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