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Hi there! I'm starting to set this up properly and the beginning is always the most difficult so I suppose I'll start with what I've just done, move back in time, and then catch myself up when that's finished to give you an idea about my work and who I am.

Most recently I've been doing inktober, trying to get back into the swing of things after not drawing for a few months (or not properly anyway- gifts and cards for friends don't count), and tried my hand at the ink dip pen once again on some paper I got discounted ages ago.

It's important to me to be use up the things that I haven't used before because, as an artist, you get given or have ideas for so many things and then forget and there is no point in having things standing still when you could be using them for anything at all (and as someone who wants to be more sustainable (even though I know individual people will never be able to fix climate change) it's nice to finally put thing to use and not buy things new)

Anyway! Please enjoy these photos chronicling my month of drawing!

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